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Good afternoon and welcome to ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosque. For the next hour Tim will be here answering your questions about remodeling and renovation project from the foundation to the risks anywhere in between. Indoors outdoors and has all the answers that there’s nothing you would like to ask it’s easy to do to submit an email with your. Question to this address info at Tim Moss and suns dot com. Their phone number is 8774994361. To make sure to check out Tim mosques and songs.com. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about him and his company. Some pictures of the work they’ve done links to the social media sites and a lot more. That’s once again Tim mosques and songs.com. So Tim let’s jump right into this week’s question is our first question says. Do you know what exterior house veneer is the most effective for preventing moisture from getting into the house. With against this. I would. Used. Not brick. Yes it became a brick and yet we a lot of people think brick and stone. It but it it has a look of permanent that’s why a lot of banks you know you know for sure stone brick and years. A lot of water goes through that makes those management prop yes definitely and when you build a house now you’re gonna have a one inch airspace between. Like a brick veneer. And framing of this water coming in a drain out you know we all accounts it. And we just hookah Al support. Last week. He had water coming in his house. And he had a stone veneer and he picked the stone veneer because he thought that would be you know something that water would not penetrate. But but a tablet at the stone veneer off the this does everything was gone I mean it was rotten for raw water had gone through has rotted everything. That we are not a lot of people don’t like finally thank history yeah that’s one of the most. Defective products you put your house for keep moisture. Interest of people consider final chief. And our chief finals. But it is very very good to keep moisture house if it’s put on rights in ousting vinyl put on wrong. And it’ll trap water in the house because it’s gonna get in it gets stuck between. The final and sheeting and it termites in your counsel up. I’ve seen those cases but put on properly finals of the best in your house keep water out okay and would somewhere in between the stone in the vital. Would we can be pretty good but yeah we have our rough climate for would we did I was at a house yesterday and it’s you know with the negating community cost a lot of money on the golf course the whole thing. And they have a lot of you know. Tournaments that are things yeah I don’t worry is people don’t like a lot of the houses there they have the cedar signing him. And and the lady told me on was it’s been might she’s retired now has passed away it was my dream to have a house with cedars signing. She does mean I wish him the stuff off as she can’t because it’s a homeowner’s association yet he has amnesty stuck with the cedar siding it has cost her so much trouble that are now. Just because expansion contraction in the splitting all the stuff that goes on cedar. So she’s always get when I was there for another week just just yesterday. And it’s it’s all based on the cedar siding water keeps it in Iran. And our I would guess something you like to ask him all you need to do is send your email with a question to info at Tim mosques and suns dot com. Our next question says Tim my plan on replacing my kitchen countertop soon and I can’t decide between lamb minute or solid surface counter taps. Are there many advantages to solid surfaces. Well I liked it’s I it’s it’s a personal preference. You know some people. They try act like it’s a big deal solid surface because. You know there will be portion is holes bacterial accounts of resists all seasonally granite things like well you got grant in the you have manmade dead solid surfaces. But how are really elect Sulzer I really great it’s my preference. I’ve hand I think a monotone as before but you know my wife just with. She is really bad about anything. She’s always want Clorox and everything you know we’re about germs. Every laminate counter top of ever had she’s a replacement right away and then if she’s not soak in water make it and the laminate. That she and hot pot on burning him so I finally about ten years ago put green and it and it and she has not been able destroy him. Now I came in 12 won’t go as she was and rising stakes on the granite countertop debate you mallet with a big now and stuff you know and animators do an advocate that that might amass that the greater. But short of that she isn’t what would anything dementia that grants to coax all the time so the putts directness. Hot stove right onto the granite and we haven’t had a problem in it looks like today we put in you know ten years ago. And some people say what you gotta keep it sealed which main excellent stuff. You don’t have to still granite and listen doesn’t beat water if that beaten water colonel Wexler departure. Then you’ll need to recently and in mine hasn’t been sealed in ten years you reach some some. Instructions programs every six months. But it is beaten up you don’t need to. To say it is really low maintenance and I really like seltzer and you have a lot of choices besides and it meaning he’d do with concrete now. Of these concrete that you would even it was concrete. Came in all south and so on. In all all the stuff union and solid counter tops. We don’t do too much laminate it all anymore it’s just like it. Something where they know the tenants are going to be good up and hopefully that’s about it. And I just watch this is an off topic but I was watching those home improvement type shows over the weekend. Last weekend. And some tropical place that they had. Some men are concrete beds and couches. That’s like they are built on an ape like and cushions on my part because of the tropical climate is bad for. The furniture yen for wood out of the going to be very comfortable sleep Bonner lounge and I don’t rally or work at it. I’d like to see began as an entry athletes Erica. First you know first or hear about the concrete counter top 510 years ago yet and I thought that was coming out there but elements artists vehement operatives were. So maybe you know when you first hear about furniture in my that’s out tonight. But with what they can do with the forums and things maybe is an attractive look. Well it’s very utilitarian it’s like the Christians are kind of covered up especially at the bad weekend you would know that it was concrete machine lifted up. Note the box spring of the mattress I mean. But how does get a couch though you can definitely tell it’s like. Creek out they have of that house so it looks like semifinal Russian apartment here pretty should. It’s exactly. Let’s squeeze in one more question here before the break on ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque have been you’d like to ask him sent an email to. Info and it’s Tim mosques and suns dot com Tim is there anything I need to do it sustained would before it can paint it you know com. And anymore to go head cover ups paint wood with paint yet. You get I mean. It was real popular seventy your signal that the world would kitchens you know yes and have fun group and or wouldn’t. Any a lot of people’s pain that repent now. Or their cabinets they wanna re finished commitments in a spine. What I usually do on the other ways to Malaysia due to slightly states and the cabinet. I mean just slightly you know. Take all the finish often just slightly rough and a and then I’ll go back feels a decrease first if nothing like four miners some two it makes you wanna be recently reached on. And then I use an oil based fuels. I’ve tried the water base skills in different kind of water based farmers. And once I payment. You’ll see just mainly. Icing so. Firm. I haven’t made a couple times so I was just argues that over its heels and a and unique problems and we offers all they put the primer on first did and the paint. Yeah what you do is you like where you degrees first look at venue just like at least and wouldn’t take much. And and you used will be skills. And that’ll seal everything up and in pain at that point U news always warm water based it doesn’t matter which one. You can you can go either paint over. Well based heals most always products. It won’t put water race over year but with it always feels ignored him water beast in. It’s it’s a lot easier to clean up. Definitely. Are always double lot more of your questions to get to here and ask the expert remodeling in renovations with Tim mosque and something you would like to ask him. Send an email to info. Asked him months and songs.com those questions the phone number is 8774994361877. 4994361. And the website is Tim mosques and songs.com. More questions coming right up. On ask the expert. Remodeling and renovation of the tip mosque and W BT and welcome back to ask the expert remodeling and renovation that Tim mosque. Considered answer your questions about the projects around the house. Indoors outdoors from Beirut down to the foundation everywhere in between. To enhance the answers and if you have a question to send those via email to info asks Jim moss and sons that counts. The phone numbers 8774994361. And the website at mosques and suns dot com. Let’s get back to the questions Tim I’m going to need to move to a new home soon because maternal keeps on him in small. I’m torn between buying counts and having one built the way I want which option is typically more cost effective. I’m bad at all. You busted by house and when you first that is. Lot of space luxury living that it or shrieking at worst a threat and more kids. Feel that millions the next. Three will be units are Leo again. What not too long ago it used to be biggest bank for the book with buy an existing home you know they use you could get you know how I know. Every budget to show you what what kind of orbit brother. You target house like it was valued at one million books for execs are several thousand. And you can do that with the lesser of the good 170100. Ray but things have changed analyst yours. Analysts are changing instant. Things against Algeria are always changing. But you know it’s it now it’s it’s a seller’s market. So up until a little while ago I would have told you better off picking up existing. You can get really good bargain with the moneys rage conflicts that we won. You know a lot of people with thank you with recession that. They could have a house built and people would do cheap. The material even though we recession the materials they still wanna. And cost and I’ve found guys were charged in even more. Did you work in the building out. During a recession while you know if I get up off my count. Really need to make a good amount of money it says they you know took a lot most motivated so it was Costin. In one dollar per square foot the costs went up during a recession to build a house. As opposed to going down. So during that time it would have been better off for you to just by existing. There were a lot of organs. A lot of people they wondering if you get the mortgage Overton give out you buy or sell you know there was a lot of ways. If your house at this. Continued applause we have money left over to fix a remote it’s important issue but now it’s going back to news. You know. It probably I would I would go with AMOCO house. As it’s gonna cost about the same you know cause its solar market in and you really get which you want in that line and fix and a you can get what you want in you know the money now thirty it on mortgage under construction. For a long time new construction money was trying to. There ever a time Newton comp you know appraisals because. Drove it Compton neighborhood but enough houses move and now when money is his return to market it you can have a accustomed. Race although. People that have trouble making decisions at the connect. As a lot of decisions you need to make your bill. If there’s a whole lot in and you know visit. Every builders differ in some builders will hold your hand through the whole process. On some you know the public design build and knew going in and it’s make it really easy for you. And then some builders with Alec hands off if you make all the decisions in the bill. So you need to find a builder then. Works with the way that you wanna do it. You know cause a lot of people they don’t they don’t want. They don’t want him. The more independent they wanna be next with tears. In her builders that do that you know what’s on your own in. You know whatever you come up with that’s what they’re gonna do. And Enders other builders that they really want to walk you through the process of when there’s a good fit for a therefore. Everybody’s matter trek in Oregon. Exactly all right still a lot more questions to get to here and ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim mosque. Seven you like to ask him to send an email to info at two mosques and suns dot com the next question is do you know how I could easily remove wallpaper. I have one room with old wallpaper in my house and would prefer to get rid of it. Usually wallpaper is not easily removed now the first night there. Ha I I know ways to do it better easier than other ways but I don’t know of any easy weight of wall. Usually what I do I mean I’ve taken off all kinds of ways the way that I do it now argue. It’s Golda tigers claw. And it’s it’s like a little ball. Was sharp little pieces and it. And you rubber over the wall paper like pro ration marks and it OK and then I usually use a steamer about oh geez and you get one blows before. For about 65 books. Indy steamer for Q Lleyton you know it takes awhile for me yeah and then it’ll this little two comes out and there’s like a little opinion goes over the wallpaper. In steam built up in there in it’ll go through the ports that you put in there with partners. All rain and you don’t wanna hold on her too long present rules sheet rock. Not long enough in the paper comes awfully hard. So trick to get the right time you have probably the first first couple pieces that you do human messed up she. But you’ll get it you know it’s just a matter process for Lauren and how to do it after about three or four spots. In this thing isn’t as big as a piece of paper maybe half the size piece paper you hold it for the Walt’s been worth it in the moisture. And and you scrape off. You you can get pretty proficient and it. But you’d be hard pressed to do a room and you might dual walls in the days. And and that’s movement pretty nets are pretty. Usual we take wallpaper off. Thankfully we we don’t do with the off and most people would have wallpaper and haven’t off yes. But we do have to do it we usually have a crew commons comes in steamers. And maybe accrual for five guys to room in one day. For homeowner to do it unless it’s a small bathroom. It can be relate I’m assuming. If it’s a big room in the panel cut paper news. You know we might just read Ricci rock for roots that make it right over top. Yet you decorous sheet rock and rain on top and sometimes that’s the quickest way to go into it all depends you know there’s some sheets. That you know if they size in the prime wall nickel sized emphasized the wall. And it’s really not that the good of a glue on. On the wallpaper. You can appeal often and compete with the injury to the glue off and that goes pretty quick but there’s some stuff. Wallpaper up there. Piece of like fabric. Yes and the stuff that’s like fabric enemy actually wipe the glue on the wallpaper it just wasn’t preclude it they put in any style that it is really our sponsor forever it is you know usually won’t reveal someone that. We’ll just take all the sheet rock off or corporate. And it’s it’s like equipment trying to get. A story when it comes to getting old stuff removed missiles wallpaper in popcorn ceilings or Candida remnants of that. The old days and running back. Or office house luckily you know the popcorn comes off pretty easy but in the wallpaper if you’re. Most times they did just bathrooms. Kitchens. All paper and Walt so they aren’t that big of room to do if you don’t catch you have watched him race. So it’s not that much offs and with the aftermath of arch. But every once walk across the house for 60s70s. And we wallpaper and it is long process that it off. Even though steaming along long process it is one of the easiest ways to do compared to what about wood paneling and awesome meal I at least eleven Austin at like with ambling along over. A wreck him some money that is at. Easy to do. Usually will just sheet rock right over I’ll leave it right in place you have to extend the outlets in the news in the window James and things like that. As usual rate over. But you know there are times we’re going to take it down. We did one not too long ago where they had all the paneling we remodeled it those jobs that never ended you know we were there. There were there did knock out all they just one of the bigger room just decided they wanted to look at this and they want all the pop corn off the ceiling and they wanted to do gliding. And then they’d been in like apparently. So we have taken the paint off but it was this house was built. Now there’s like sixty years ago. So we opted to take paneling off so we can upgrade installation. In and so we had those are and the things you wanna take into account. Here’s once we insulated walls and other government and some money back in and spend as much utilities there wasn’t that much more work ethic off him. And our ranks well it’s time for another break and still want more questions that viewers to get to and ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque. There’s a question you like to ask him. But it and an email is sent it to info and it’s Tim mosques and suns dot com the phone numbers 8774994361. 8774994361. And the website Tim Moss and suns dot com. More questions coming right up and ask the expert on WBZ. She it’s. I. The welcome back to ask the expert remodeling and renovation that Tim mosque Tim is here to answer your questions about remodeling renovation projects. You can send questions via email info at. Hats in mosques and sons that’s count. The phone number 8774994361. And on the web it’s Tim mosques and suns dot com. Back to the questions to him excellence as I have copper flashing around my chimney and I found that it’s roading were ever a nail goes through the flashing. Why would this be happening and is a possible to seal the holes. Well it’s you wanna take a guess at this. I think that’s a natural chemical reaction isn’t between copper in. Well it’s an actual natural reaction to a copper and aluminum stuff yeah okay you can’t mix copper and aluminum. I’ve. And it’s surprising Emery countless guys that do this you know they should know that you can’t make moon copper it just they they dissolve the Olympic road. I’ve seen. Very nice copper gutters put it koppers expensive chair and then they used aluminum hangers. On the inside of the copper and just started you know openings and all of you have to use you know copper copper well. So. What they need to do is get out the copper mails where we have copper nails they’re gonna have not. Now you want copper sales we have to get up at Bloomingdale’s yes we’ll get to aluminum nails out of the copper recruiting stop. There is caught cold flashing clock. You can get them is still the holes. And then you can use cooperative we are not there are corporate males now they’re really soft. He has now what you gonna pound them into anything you want yet you might have to create real form. Because they are very soft. And sometimes if you’re trying to put one in in Italy the mortar and fireplace. You might have the real now first. But they’re there or call for males but athletic as we used. Instead of copper copper sales cost cost much money that aluminum. And aluminum July stronger and they don’t know whose chemical reactions of what the root for. So copper copper aluminum for loans. That makes sense our rights when chemistry here and ask the expert remodeling in renovations. With Jim moss seven you’d like to ask him to send your emails to info apps. Tim mosques and songs.com. The next question Tim Allen added deck to the side of my house. But I happen to have a septic tank right where I want to build. Would that be a problem the deck will be about five feet off the ground so I was hoping it wouldn’t matter. Well you know it’s it’s a problem as far as building. I’ve seen people ignore this you know go to school with a deck. I’ve seen some crazy contraptions you know put put to death rate over septic tank in vendors like a trap door with a deck ticket to septic. Crazy stuff you know. That doesn’t pass code and I’m not supposed to do. And people about it for years and got away with that kind of stuff but that’s candlelight and because you can’t you can’t put a dent in your house anyway with a target. And inspectors gonna come out and see. Yet a septic tank mean to get the permit to get a clear environment health. Environmental health and a couple of make sure that you your enough feet away from the septic system to be up to code. So in years past you know I’ve seen guys additions on septic debated pull permits. And you know the county didn’t know the city didn’t know. Because they don’t come around and do. In person check your property. But now people argument check on her property every year whether in or not that’s from settle. Google Earth Google yet you know so some people go get the wind up within a tax bill. You know four decks that. Google Earth pointed out on it that was built. So they’re gonna they’re gonna catch you if you do you that you don’t wanna dues and then another thing besides that. If you ever gonna sell your house. I’m. You know like I told news houses are moving out yet so a lot of people are call me. In my price fixing this fiction that. Because the go home inspectors find things wrong with houses that applied. The banks of our you know they’re lending money and houses but their standards that kind of picked. It used to be drive by appraisals drive home his bags again it’s not that Wayne Gardner actually required inspections. And then the mortgage company will say well if organ alone you have money that we won business in this fix on the list and pick everything. But things that you know like foundations root of and on that list of things now it is now wants announcers are sent the construction if you have a septic tank. The bank is requiring accompanied come out and verify that the tank experts post debate that is not too close to the structure. And that it’s now. You know they’ll pick up but we did it look on the inside and speculation that cracks but they’re also making sure that there’s nothing built too close to it. Where wasn’t put in the ground to close house. So you would have a real problem when you go to sell my house if you went ahead with a plan put back on him all the way to do it me you know it would it from maybe twelve months. Is is just just put it on Adobe permit but you’re gonna get caught so you’re better off just. So what’s that does that mean moving the septic tank and Kenny just not build that well you know you might need to put the deck and a different spot. Or you know every once in awhile now we’ve never move descent because it. But we have moved to time because bishop who want additional now and we’ve dug the tank and and moved into worse boast. Or worthy inspectors said that he won in its environmental health comes out if you yards big enough bacon bacon. You were they want to thank you put. And and you moved tank over and redeem your lines and everything and and you pre tradition. So it’s it’s not cheap you know usually cost them 5000 dollars so. So a command 5000 books that that’s why we use and onto for Tex would ever done for deck and a people aren’t going to be a while on an extra 5000 deck that’s the problem. But if they’re put not a 100000 dollar addition each year in a 180000 dollar addition and they spend an extra seven. Five to 7000 dollars we’ve thank you know it’s a small percentage of the budgets do. And let’s keep the questions move on here and ask the expert remodeling and renovations of Tim mosque. Have a question for Tim to send your email to info at Tim mosques and suns dot com. Our Jim I have a finished basement that I want to put a bathroom in the sewer pipes for the house or in the floor above the basement though would that be a problem when plumbing. The bathroom. Well you gotta get that sewage water Al subway and if it’s overhead only intuitive with the public. In some people think they have the you know reap long polygamist up or else. Your existing following yours is the wasteland as they were his. What you need to do is find a place in your basement but you can never rule that has a public station. In what what it is you dig a pit and and you bury the tank and his bank is the police Hilda. It has and exhaust pipe that goes outside and in there will be a paw so when this tank feels that we flush the toilet extra hour. Run your faucet all the water runs into the tank. When it fills up it’ll triple lever on the pump and pump usually don’t text and expects the pump pump everything. In a pop and up to elevation need to run out which requires some space. Yeah you gotta have the the space space to put it that when you’re working in a basement yet the break up the concrete. In order put in this public station so the further the public station is away from the bathroom. The more concrete go to Africa because you know all your wife Rita Twilley showered sank are gonna run underneath the concrete and the run to thank the current program. So usually it’ll be a little closet right next to the bathroom. I’m. I’m never I’ve never put it like across. The basement in it along seven foot basement of the public station on its side and a break on her but they’re always using real close together. But that’s the way to do it house talking to edit week. And when I explain what needed to be donny’s a lot I don’t wanna pumping station as pomp and go well. Yeah what you have no chili’s or if you’re gonna have the bathroom in there that’s that’s what you’re gonna have to do. And is often as a basement. Is use the basement bathroom. You know that Paul could lasted twenty years I’ve seen pumps that or use all the time. The fact over at my house I have a pumping station. 42 bathrooms. And those bathrooms are used the law. You know cause it’s it’s like exercise there telecast a friend so on my son’s generalized break comes in their news Tuesday exercise equipment. And and then there’s a shower so soured when it finished so they could use quite a bit in about every five years I have replaced that paw. And that’s a really good pomp but it lists like five years but if it would be a my house is a commercial use but it’s almost like it commercially yet confederate Jim. Maybe we have a pretty large Felix about a time maverick and his treadmills elliptical it’s the weights. And rebels on the map space and use that battle against you know it was flush on the shower on. But pop as much as it used if it’ll last five years between change so most people’s basement. Where you know you yeah husband wife indicated that there you know use the restroom watched a movie or something yeah. That Ponce analyst yours yours you can easily go twenty years. I they’re pumping stations were I’ve put a minute and I gave them a lifetime warranty on the pump. Twenty years ago thirty years ago I still haven’t changed the pomp answer those pumps on top. All right well just a few more questions to go here on this week’s ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque. We’ll be right back with those there’s nothing you would like to ask him sender email to info ask him mosques and suns dot com. The phone number is 8774994361. And on the web Tim mosques in suns dot com. We’ll be right back with more questions on ask the expert on WB seats. Welcome back to ask the expert remodeling and renovations at Tim mosque. It is here to answer those questions about your projects free mildly renovations. Instant email questions inflow asked him monsters suns dot com. The phone number is 8774994361. And the website is Tim monster and suns dot com. Back to the questions Tim this on says some cracks have developed lately in the sheet rock above several of my interior doors could that. Be a problem. In the and it might not be all OK usually wanna look at cracks. In the 10 with the engineers tell me these things that we look for. They get reluctantly experts. Cracks and now. I know cracked because there’s not a natural semen sheet rock. But at the crack is were two pieces of sheet rock come together. Not so concerned about that that packages after it and it could happen anywhere house of two pieces of rug on the other. You know that crack. VA vertical. Yeah straight vertical crack. Or straight or as well. Were two pieces come together it’s not uncommon for that the crackle orbit which shrink and while on the season’s different change humidity. In your house you know it’s really draw in a winner on. Low moisture content and and that’s what people are called me in any of these big cracks in our Woodson. In Albany does human Fuller and and it’s summertime. It’s just the opposite. You know will be. Crowned moulding people. Caucus labels nodded. Real tight. Or on. Because there’s so much moisture in your house but he needed the humidifier. And if that’s all that’s going on than at the crack no big deal to be cracked vertical crack. If you see you diagonal crack in the jagged and cracked. Now summit is but a lot of force she rock were the airport. And and you could. Foundation. You could have to which are all buddies now and you know that that can make the ground with. Or you could have watered down there gallery some of the footers and Anders there’s a bunch of things could be. But if you see diagonal cracks you’d deaf in one issue in alcoholic engineers structural out there and he can fix them. If you just Selig horizontal vertical crack which wanted to news. Just puts. Eulogized mud rain over the cracked. They have patches. Those Home Depot. And you wanna put that over the cracks first. And then mud all over eyes if you just by the crack crack com. But if you put it at first and money it. If it keeps coming back Bennett called structural. Want one chief exit and you fix it shouldn’t it should come. And he said they can possibly. The tag crack could possibly be sent under the foundation which leads us in our next question. As this is there any time of the year that is preferable for foundation repair. Well usually our climate you can you can do. Some people they wanna say brief ropes so 000. Well I’ll do it went on there were you know all of them now. So maybe if you wanna thanks rob and consideration. But most people what they need to do anyways Ruth wrote we who when you dig out of foundation. They of these big over drugs and it’ll lead to replace any that make it. In our climate I would say now in other places definitely on yours are important when you know. But we usually don’t get that many days the cool weather this last winner. It was Roth foundation. We we had some foundation that we started the Phoenix in November. And it was later in the you know ranked before we get back on the slow. Has so much moisture and there was just no work. So other than an out of the ordinary and extraordinary winner. Usually fixed base here. But in other climate can be so cold you wouldn’t wanna go and expose the Fuller. You know not in the coal and then you can problems but here you know we really don’t have rock not not in the shore area. Open amount yeah North Carolina mountains you know you get around in places like. Now you’ll Expos have found. At a certain time Q you have I mean it all depends. On the severity of the problem if you’re just about likes and cracks it. You know you you wouldn’t do that like up in Boone in the wintertime. But I’ve seen some houses girls at all. I think I’ve showed you picture a house and a that was like in a sinkhole. Now wouldn’t matter what time of the year and you get there and stopped thinking exactly where uniter and how true. If you’re listening via podcast in Alaska it’ll be repairing your foundation there in the wintertime you. Others hold it up building up their letters like that Arctic engineering and almost. Yes and I don’t even know I can’t even figure out elect wants anyway as you’re watching all yeah yeah that’s why my favorite things that is a model what’s beef are you’re watching the last issue that is undated moved. Acknowledge a flight watch and how to do things that they’re at a NASA Shakespeare it’s the 75 below I’d just like to watch on TV but you know trying to deal with construct you know. Like stuff that’s you know with pretty interest is that wouldn’t wanna try to attempt exactly. All right let’s get to a couple more questions before we wrap up this week’s ask the expert remodeling and renovation with Tim Mossad or something you’d like to ask Tim. Send your email to info and and it’s Tim mosques and suns dot com. Tim once highly tub surround what should go behind the tile. Also what should be used on the floor of the shower underneath the title. That’s a question a lot of people you know they distort Ireland the pushy Rocca compiled and the rebellion. I ask you wanna go would like Barack. You’ll like happens to rock on the walls and and you wanna finish all the scenes and you can do that offense some more. And you wanna why are crucial with like a product there’s a product called red Gordon have to be read or this is what I like him. Anyhow waterproof the whole thing and then I’ll put the tile on. As well haven’t even if you seal up on the grout joints water and go through grass. And if you don’t have the concrete work with waterproofing on it it’s just gonna soak into the wall that your. So you definitely want waterproof. And now if you do. A shower base and then you tally. You wanna slope in America as you want the slow properly. And then dolby. Or rubber membrane and goes down. And then you do your time. It’s. That the shower base. I would if I was a homeowner. And didn’t know what I was doing that’s something about. It. It’s it’s kind of tough to do shower place. And I see even pros commanders Geisel Tom opponent each shower races. You know by hand to put the slope it and they won’t do it right and five years is going to be. Him so you really need to get someone knows what they’re doing for shall base its dynamic or based on tile. It slow it right make sure definitely. But the walls you know that’s not nearly torque because you can you can waterproof the walls and you know deal with a member. And that is somebody most almost could do you know the wall. So if I was a homeowner I was doing yourself project for the bathroom remodel a bathroom. I would give somebody that is a pro to do shower place in Italy that Tyler. And then the rest of yours. Right I think we have time for one more question here. And ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim Moss. And the short one Tim how can I safely get rid of an old well in my yard. We supposed to call the well contract. Murders classification contractors that deals wells. That’s one of things I don’t have so everyone so long ago work and a good job you know put additional something. In accounting rules say well you gotta feel feel well today and I call will contractors who come out and he feels that a well gravel. It’s almost to be pretty deep right they can be yes on can be really deep. But that’s that’s what they do is they film program. I’m not talking about you know little pipe that goes former feed you know I’ve well miles and it was four feet but it’s just too little two inch piper so it runs them that your most of these older wells were talking about order to feed across. They easily. If you could crank a bucket has its back in the anchor at Florida they’ll have like a big lid on it now become angry yes scenarios world what to do with the crush. Bill bill field full of concrete and concrete stone. And then though though crushed upper part of the concrete to and it spectral commandment it was on its yeah they used to. They’re not so picky now but for awhile you know it. You know things running trans and I guess I guess they give bulletins from a panel of Hoover you know there are superior Saturday. We need to get rid of these wells and you know for a period of time we itself on some of property. They want to see was there well there. You know if they were hooked up to elect and your city water and get well they want those wells field. So there was a period of several years Bryant did do well contrary quite a bit. In order just put my additional commentary close Arnold well. Now if it’s one with just like a couple of inches across why would you need to close something like that off because you can fall into it right well I’ve never I’ve never had a had a steal anything at all it’s always the bigger it’s always you know the ones that only two feet cross ice audiences across you know I don’t know why that they one of those Alda. You do with that note. But you’d have several well contractors do especially disposed to go and do. And and it’s good to have the world country that don’t charge much you know it’s like one to 2000 books. It’s good to have them do it because when you go to sell the property. It’ll show up somewhere than yours well and in the one undone well it’s a closed though it’s still there Roosevelt who dated to its permit us. All right well that’s all the time we have for this week’s ask the expert remodeling and renovations with Tim mosque if there’s a question you have for Tim for a future show. He’d be happy to answer to send your emails to info pants. Tim lost and suns dot com. It should visit their website to would tell you everything you need to know what Tim a his sons their company various types of work they did use of photos and a lot more so. The phone number is 87749943618774994361. Thanks for tuning in to ask the experts remodeling and renovation but Tim mosque and WBZ.


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